I became a member in 2016 not ever having done CrossFit before. The head coach gave considerable time and attention to learning about me, my goals and my movement patterns, which helped me get up and running quickly. Fast forward 3 years of working out and approaching 50 years old, I’m finding myself stronger than I ever imagined and more confident than ever. So much so that I’ve competed in 2 Strongman competitions - something I would have never dreamed of had I not joined Turbine. The community and personalized attention we get in the workouts is what keeps me going to the 5:30pm class week after week to get stronger and stronger.
— Lisa D.
For some people physical fitness comes easy for some people it does not. Turbine makes it so everyone makes progress in a way that suits them. It’s like having a personal trainer in a class setting! Coaches that know how your body works better than you do! They know how to push you when you think you have nothing left and when to back you down because you don’t need that extra rep or weight. They know you because that’s something they want to do. KNOW YOU! Every day that I walk in the doors I get a hello, a hey how are you, a smile, how’s the family etc..... It’s been like that since day one. The people in the classes are the exact same way. Caring, thoughtful and encouraging. I have made great personal relationships from being at Turbine. Ones that I will cherish forever. As for my physical growth, I could go on and on. But there is one thing I will say I couldn’t run without pain when I started. Now I run a six-minute mile I run 5K‘s and squat over 200 pounds. Every day that I am at Turbine I do not want to leave.... but the wife makes me come home.
— Rich V.
Why it’s habit forming. When I started in 2014, I belonged to one of those big box gyms, but basically just showed up and went through the motions in a fog. After the first week of crossfit with Adam, I knew crossfit would be different, in a good way. Years later, I couldn’t be happier that I joined Turbine the day it opened its doors.

Who At Turbine, everyone’s super friendly. You’ll get to know the great people who workout at Turbine, they’ll encourage you to try your best, and you’ll find yourself encouraging them too. It’s a cooperative, not competitive environment, you’ll fit right in.

Where I travel quite a bit for work and over the past several years have dropped in on at least 40 different crossfit gyms around the country. The two things you should look for in any crossfit gym you’re thinking of joining is quality coaching and facilities. I’ve seen many different styles of coaching, and the most important thing is to find coaching that emphasizes form and safety first. Adam and his coaching staff are the best I’ve seen in my travels, they focus on fundamentals and make sure everyone has a safe and effective workout. As far as facilities go, not only is Turbine one of largest and most spacious crossfit gyms in the country, but it’s also clean and the equipment is well-maintained.

When I remember being terrified to start crossfit, worrying that I had to be in great shape. I wish I knew then what I know now, Adam and his team know how to adjust every movement and every workout for everyone. Just take the plunge and get started.

How reach out by email or just stop by the gym. Any of the coaches can talk to you about how get started. Feel free to swing by a 5:30am class sometime and say hi!
— Jim F